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DDS serves more than 400,000 individuals ... who have developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy and related conditions. 

"We are the lifelong guide for those who learn and think differently. In the past year, we’ve helped more than 20 million people discover their potentials, take control of their lives, and stay on positive paths."

Disability Rights California (DRC) is the agency designated under federal law to protect and advocate for the rights of Californians with disabilities.

EFS guides middle, high school, and  college students in overcoming procrastination, disorganization and anxiety by teaching time management, prioritization and communication skills so they feel motivated, prepared, and empowered.

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The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) is an independent, nonprofit, §501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization of attorneys, advocates, parents and related professionals.

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