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Meet the Advocates

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Kelly Camp

At Upcountry Advocate LLC, we are passionate education advocates dedicated to supporting parents and caregivers in securing the best possible services for their children in school. Our journey has evolved, and we're excited to share how our recent restructuring has transformed the way we operate.


Originally, we worked independently, each focusing on our unique strengths and areas of expertise. Kelly excelled at diving deep into data, identifying root issues, and developing creative solutions. Meanwhile, Maia thrived in humanizing our clients, emphasizing their strengths, and ensuring parents felt reassured and empowered throughout the process.


Recognizing the power of collaboration, we decided to combine our strengths and work together on every case. This new approach allows us to provide a more comprehensive and efficient service to our clients. While one of us may act as the primary contact for a school's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, both of us are fully knowledgeable about every case. This means that when life gets complicated, and our own kids, who also have IEPs, demand our attention, we can seamlessly support each other and our clients.

In addition to our work with families, we are proud to be Independent Facilitators with the CA Regional Center. Maia specializes in crafting Person-Centered Plans, while Kelly focuses on Budget and Spending Plans. By leveraging our individual expertise, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive support in navigating the Regional Center Self-Determination Program.


What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By working together and capitalizing on each other's strengths and interests, we not only provide superior service but also optimize resources, ultimately benefiting our clients and their children.


We invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation, where we believe that every child deserves an education that caters to their unique needs and strengths.

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Maia Ginnelly
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