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One of the most used books in my personal library.  An excellent source for any parent of complicated or multi-diagnosis kids


Maybe you've noticed that BIPOC students are more likely to have a Behavior Intervention Plan or behavior goals?  This book helps to show how race plays a role in how kids are labelled within the special education system and what can be done instead to get kids the help they need to succeed.


My kids have growing pains, and this has been a useful tool to help them identify where they have pain, and also show them exactly how to stretch those muscles and tendons out safely.


Another good book about OCD.


I thought this would be a silly book, but it's actually very well-researched and full of useful information.


Does your student draw or doodle in class?  It could be they are visual learners, and there is a way to take visual notes.  Sketchnoting can be a game-changer for these kids because it allows them to process information in a way their brains are already wired.


This book is AMAZING for explaining big feelings to kids.  In my home we regularly say we're "letting out a storm" when we need to cry.  


A blue crayon in a red wrapper.  This story is sure to connect with a wide range of neurodiversities.


Another one of my favorite books.  There are so many great insights!


I'm not a doctor.  I assume you are also not a doctor.  But I also assume if you are here that you might have complicated kids with complex needs, and medication might be one of the things you have to deal with.  This 80-pg book helps by explaining clinical psychopharmacology in plain English.  I wish I had found this earlier in my own journey.


When my kids were struggling with anxiety and OCD, this book helped.

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