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Welcome to Upcountry Advocate


Founded by Kelly Camp in 2022, and joined by Maia Ginnelly in 2023, Upcountry Advocate was founded on a singular principle: it shouldn't be THIS HARD.

individualized education

We Believe:

  • All students are capable of learning and should be given the freedom and support to do so. 

  • Parents shouldn't have to need an advocate, and having an advocate isn't a luxury service. 

  • The best supports for families should not be the best-kept secrets.

We Offer

  • Presumed competence. A disability isn't an indication of one's intelligence or ability.

  • Empathetic understanding of limitations.

  • Creative ideas to support disabilities with fluctuating needs.

  • Practical solutions in an imperfect world.

education advocate

Why Hire an Advocate?

Being a parent is hard. It is especially hard when you have to watch your child struggling in school and don’t know how to help them. We know the questions to ask, where to get the answers, and  the “outside the box” solutions to support you and your child.

Contact our team today for a FREE initial consultation

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